Sunday Services

Weekly Sunday morning services are a special time for One-Way Ministries and include worship, prayer, testimony, reading of the Word, and ministry:

Worship is our time to pour out our love on Jesus and glorify Him as we host the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Corporate prayer is powerful as we come together in agreement on whatever Holy Spirit leads us to pray about.

Our testimonies give glory and witness to the power of God in action in our lives. The word “testimony” means “do it again,” so every time we tell of what God has done there is an invitation for the hearer to ask God to “do it again” for me.

The Word of God is not simply an important book of teachings. It’s more powerful than a double-edged sword and our strongest offensive weapon in this world. At One-Way Ministries, are committed to teaching the entirety of God’s word and obeying Him. God’s word does not change to conform to society, but we are changed by His word and conform to Him.

Ministry is a time of prayer and inviting Holy Spirit to bring healing and deliverance where it is needed—physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Jesus healed the sick and set the captives free. We, His disciples, are commanded to do the same.